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As cybercrime increases both in South Africa and across the world, it is becoming increasingly problematic for SMEs to secure themselves. However, cyber risk management doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. Introducing an easy-to-use platform to help manage cyber risks facing your organisation and track your improvement progress.

The Vox Cybersecurity Portal features:

  • Business toolkit
  • Training
  • Simulated attacks
  • Reporting dashboard

The Vox Cybersecurity platform is simple to set up and use, runs in the Cloud – so no hardware is needed – and is available at a low monthly cost. It is way more cost-efficient than any other solution currently available in the country.


How It Works


Features & Benefits

  • An all-in-one online cybersecurity platform
    • An easy-to-use platform available when needed to help manage cyber risks facing your organisation and track your improvement progress.
  • Business cybersecurity pack
    • Based on the results from your cybersecurity health check we create an easy to follow program filled with checklists, policy templates, posters and operational guides you can implement.
  • 50+ spear phishing templates
    • Realistic attack simulations based on actual incidents – includes an automated delivery and reporting module.
  • Cybersecurity health check
    • An intuitive online cybersecurity health check created by experts, with 50 questions covering key areas of your organisation.
  • 40+ security awareness courses
    • Courses covering all cyber topics that you can access from any device, anytime. Changing culture requires engaging, fun & informative training on a regular basis.
  • Reporting dashboards
    • Get clear actionable reports to measure and identify risk areas all through an interactive dashboard environment.

Product Sheet (Vox_Cyber_Security_Portal.pdf, 163 Kb) [Download]

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