Attack Path Modelling (APM)

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APM — a predictive, proactive, and preemptive threat intelligence and vulnerability management solution. 

Attack Path Modelling (APM) is an AI-led tool that provides ongoing assessment and unified visualisation of cyber risk and attack paths that threaten an organization’s critical assets/crown jewels. Leveraging proprietary intelligence and machine learning, APM predicts potential exposures and generates intelligent, prioritised recommendations to mitigate these cyber risks.

APM is a critical capability in your cyber security toolkit to move from security of today to tomorrow—allowing you to protect the organisation from cyber threats before they occur.


  1. Ingest your asset network and vulnerability data;
  2. Visualise your network of assets;
  3. Quantify cyber risk to assets, including crown jewels;
  4. Identify vulnerable entry points to the network;
  5. Predict attack paths and scenarios that could be used to compromise your environment;
  6. Define and prioritise actionable mitigation through risk scoring and scenario analysis and 
  7. Generate and track prioritised actions for remediation with ability to integrate with most ticketing systems.

Brochure (APM_Overview_SA.pdf, 977 Kb) [Download]