Securing the remote workforce from inside risk

COVID! Everyone's most used word right now.

In the realms of reality, business does not stop, but how do we enable organisations to run full steam ahead without compromising on the security posture of the business? Is it even possible?

Ava Security, in partnership with ITWeb, presents this webinar to examine remote workforce security risks and solutions.

As companies move towards a hybrid workforce structure with employees splitting time between working in-office and remotely, organisations must reassess processes to keep IT staff from burning out, while at the same time efficiently managing distributed systems and assets.

As the workforce moves remotely, we will outline the many possible security risks of enabling new collaboration. We will draw on examples of South African businesses that fell victim to the effects of ignoring the importance of remote security, and outline how to connect the dots across cyber and physical security threats.

Ava, now in the South African market through its newly established partnership with Solid8, is uniquely positioned to deliver unified cyber and physical security solutions to organisations worldwide, bringing proactive security monitoring and complete visibility of the dangers of insider threats.

Benefits of attending

Why should you attend?

  • Find out how insider threats bring new risk to your remote workforce
  • Learn how to mitigate hybrid physical and cyber security risk.
  • Discover the new risks amid the intersection between infrastructure, hyper-connected devices and humans of the enterprise.
  • See how Ava can deliver proactive security monitoring and complete visibility of insider threats.

Who should attend?

CIOs, CISOs, IT security professionals, Risk officers

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Event location
Address: Online
Event start: 15/10/2020, 11:00
Event finish: 15/10/2020, 12:00