Masterclass 2020 - Back to the Future again!

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged risk management head-on... on so many different fronts.

Foresight, learning from hindsight and the ability to adopt, adapt and respond faster than the rapidly changing world are just a few of the challenges facing the risk management profession now!

Master Class 2020 will be a platform to learn from those that have managed to get it right and to develop the skills and tools to navigate organisations and its leadership in this uncertain times.  Showcasing the ability to create and maintain a high-quality, coherent and functional forward view, and to use the insights arising in useful organisational ways. For example:

  • To detect adverse conditions
  • Guide policy
  • Shape strategy
  • To explore new markets, products and services
  • These represent a fusion of futures methods with those of strategic management.

IRMSA is proud to announce that we have joined forces with the Institute of Futures Research, ABSA, Hulamin and Marsh to afford our members access to developing these skills and tools. Skills and tools like advanced anticipatory abilities, the building and understanding of macro-perspective, characterised by knowledge of cycles, patterns and meta-perspectives.

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The main event at this year’s Master Class is ABSA presenting a case study on their risk response to COVID-19 for which ABSA was one of only six in the world to be recognised in this way for outstanding performance during the global health crisis. Not only will our country and the international delegates benefit from such a case study but it would also showcase South Africa as a thought leader especially in the strategy, risk and resilience space.

IRMSA has been talking about integrated strategy, risk and resilience for some time now and we see how it is working not only in theory but in practice from ABSA, IFR and Hulamin and how their response speaks to that integrated approach to risk, so this is how IRMSA is taking this concept forward in collaboration with Marsh.

As a professional body, we have to think about how we support our professionals and the country. Peter Links from Marsh will be speaking on how the new integrated approach to risk is being incorporated into the new IRMSA Guideline to achieve just that.

Who should attend:

  • Board Members 
  • Executives
  • Business Leaders
  • Risk Professionals
  • Government Officials
  • Decision Makers
  • Entrepreneurs


Conference and Masterclass

Members: R4 150.00 (ex VAT)
Non-Members: R 5 350.00 (ex VAT)

Masterclass Only

Members: R1 150 (ex VAT)
Non-Members:  R1 350 (ex VAT)

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