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Deloitte Cyber helps organisations create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, faster, more innovative and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats. At Deloitte we believe Cyber is about starting things - not stopping them - and enabling the freedom to create. 

At Deloitte we advise, implement and manage solutions for clients across five areas: 

  • Strategy
  • Defense and Response
  • Data
  • Application Security
  • Infrastructure and Identity

Our Deloitte Cyber Intelligence Centres (CIC) combines deep cyber intelligence with broad business intelligence to deliver relevant, tailored, and actionable insights to inform business decision making. The CIC fuses a number of services together to provide our clients with a truly tailored service that enables them to fully understand their cyber risks and adopt proportionate responses in an increasingly digital and interconnected business environment. We do this by providing them with improved visibility of threats and assets, based on highly relevant intelligence that reflects their specific business, market, and industry context.

Industries we cover:

  • Consumer - Our leaders work with global brands to help them create winning strategies in the Automotive; Consumer Products; Retail; and Transportation, Hospitality & Services sectors.Our mission is to use our proprietary data and experience to help you get closer to your clients.
  • Energy, Resources and Industrials - Our specialists provide broad, integrated solutions to the Oil, Gas & Chemicals; Power and Utilities; and Industrial Products & Construction sectors. We offer deep industry knowledge and access to a global network, alongside local market delivery.
  • Financial Services - Our industry specialists provide broad, integrated to the Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance and Investment Management sectors. Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allows us to understand each client's specific business needs.
  • Life Sciences & Health Care - Our professionals guide traditional health care and life science companies, as well as new market entrants, in navigating the complexities of the US and global health care systems.
  • Government & Public Services - Our team of professionals brings fresh and perspective to help you anticipate disruption, re-imagine the possible, and fulfill your mission promise.
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications - Our Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice brings together one of the world's largest groups of specialists respected for helping shape recognized TMT brands-and helping thos brands thrive in a digital world.

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