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PAM Privileged access is a type of administrative access to critical computer systems. A privileged user is any user that has the capability to change, alter or impact the operational service of a business process. So, in any organization, this includes not only system administrators, but also extends to users that you may not consider as “privileged", including non-human or machine users such as applications or service accounts connecting to other systems/applications, or software robots used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows. 

In the case of a cyberattack or data breach, privileged credentials can be used by external attackers or malicious insiders to steal data and cause catastrophic damage to a business. 

Privileged Access Management is a set of policies, processes and tools that protect, manage, and monitor privileged access, users, and credentials. CyberArk offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solutions to proactively secure privileged access wherever it exists. 

The CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution is a set of integrated products that delivers the broadest range of PAM capabilities and secures privilege, wherever it exists.

The Core PAS Solution, which we'll discuss in more depth today, secures, rotates and controls access to privileged account credentials such as passwords and SSH Keys, secures, monitors and records privileged sessions, and analyzes privileged behavior to alert and remediate risky behavior. 

CyberArk Alero is a Zero Trust SaaS solution that provides just-in-time, password less access for remote users to access critical systems

We also offer advanced capabilities to enforce the principle of least privilege on both *NIX and Windows servers, while securing domain controllers from Kerberos attacks

On the left hand side, Endpoint Privilege Manager helps organizations enforce least privilege on the endpoint, controlling applications and blocking credential theft while protecting against malware and ransomware 

On the right, Application Access Manager secures application credentials throughout the DevOps Pipeline, including those that are hardcoded or embedded into applications.

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