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Discover, map and migrate business application connectivity to the cloud

Proactively analyze security risk from the business perspective

Automate network security policy changes - with zero touch

Link cyber-attacks to business processes

Application Connectivity Management

Automatically discover, map, and securely provision network connectivity for business applications.

Security Policy Change Management

Automate the security policy change process – from planning through risk analysis, implementation and validation.

Firewall Auditing and Compliance

Automatically generate audit-ready reports and reduce audit preparation efforts and costs by up to 80%.

Cloud Security Posture

Manage on-premise firewalls and cloud security groups in a single pane of glass.

Proactive Risk Management

Proactively assess every security policy change to minimize risk, avoid outages and ensure compliance.

Firewall Policy Optimization

Clean up firewall rules and reduce risk – without impacting business requirements.

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