Valentines Day Scams - Sextortion

I’m hooked on you Valentine! I took the bait hook, line and sinker.

As Valentine’s day approaches, online dating sites buzz with excitement, and so do the romance scammers. These predators can be difficult to detect and are not who they “Post to Be”.

The bottom line is that anyone who appears to be pursuing romance online, while somehow never being available to meet in person, who is patient, skilled and has believable sounding reasons for asking for money, is your Romance Scammer. Don’t be fooled by these Romeo’s who are looking for ways into your wallet and not your heart.

This is your signal to run because your online crush is, in reality, a scammer:
• Be wary of what you post.
• Keep business and personal posts separate.
• Tighten up privacy and security settings.
• Slow down.
• Never transfer money and contact your bank right away if money is missing.

Being single on Valentine’s day can be unpleasant; however, it would be far better to have a happy heart and a healthy bank account.


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